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Your Birth and Baby Company

What we do and why we do it!

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Antenatal Coaching

Coaching offers you a different approach to antenatal education.

Working with your Antenatal Coach you will be able to explore your labour and birth options to help you make the right decisions around how, where and when you give birth to your baby.

Psychotherapeutic Counselling

How talking therapy can help.

Life can be so tough sometimes and our thoughts and emotions overwhelm us.
For some of us, the process of thinking about starting a family, becoming pregnant, the IVF process and all the excitement and disappointment that can bring, creates a variety of emotions and triggers that maybe you were not expecting.   This is where talking about how you are feeling, understanding why and working through your experiences in a safe and non judgmental space can make all the difference. Being able to spend time focusing on you, wherever you are on your journey to parenthood.

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