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Pregnant Woman Enjoying her Drink

Your Birth and Baby Company offers Antenatal Coaching to help you experience the labour and birth that is right for you and your family.

Why work with an Antenatal Coach?

Antenatal Coaching is a different approach to preparing for your labour and birth. The aim of antenatal coaching is to help you understand your individual choices and enable you to ask the right questions around your care.  Regardless of how you are planning on giving birth to your baby, coaching will help enable you to :

  • Explore your goals and wishes for your birth and the motivation behind them.

  • Access resources and information including pain management and elective Cesarean birth.

  • Understand and process your fears  about labour and birth.

  • Feel more empowered to ask questions and regain control of your birth process.

  • Explore and practice self help technics  such as breathing, visualization, affirmations and positions.

  • Discuss your personal circumstances and concerns in confidence without fear of judgement.

  • Establish your birth preference list and feel confident to discuss your choices with your midwife and other care givers.

Tailor made Antenatal Coaching is now available via Zoom. 

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