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Todays 5 Questions Challenge is all about INDUCTION!

If you are being offered an induction think about asking the following five questions to help you make an informed decision.

Q1 WHY? Not just why are we discussing induction, as hopefully you will have been given a reason, but why ME? Are you being looked at as an individual person and not part of a group of similar pregnant women, who might be like you but they are not you? 😊

Q2 If I agree to a sweep can you tell me what my cervix feels like please? If it is still hard or difficult to reach the chances are you are no where near going into spontaneous labour and therefore any further induction plans will probably not work. However if it is softening up you are maybe on the cusp of spontaneous labour anyway? 👍

Q3 If I come in for the next stage of induction ie Prostaglandin, Dilapan Rods or Balloon/ Foley catheter can I go home and rest and come back in 12 hours to see what is going on? Sometimes this will not be appropriate, depending on how far away from maternity unit you are, you or your baby's individual circumstances and your instincts. If your preference is to go home and enjoy the benefits of oxytocin in a familiar environment, if it is safe to do so, it should be your choice. ❤️

Q4. If I have my waters broken once my cervix has softened and started to dilate, can I still use the midwife led unit, have access to the pool and there will be no time restrictions on encouraging my body to labour spontaneously from here? In some maternity units once your waters have been artificially ruptured as part of your induction, there is an unspoken rule that syntocinon will be administered after 2 hours. ⚠️

Q5. If I do agree to syntocinon, how will I be monitored?

Once the syntocinon drip is administered you and your baby will be continuously monitored. If this is done with the traditional CTG pads your movements could be severely restricted making gravity positions less likely and labour longer and more uncomfortable. It is at this stage that your chances of having an unassisted vaginal birth start to decrease. Discussing alternative monitoring such as telemetry could help you gain more control in how your labour and birth proceed. 💪

I hope these questions have helped you know what to ask and when. Remember in any situation the choice is yours and if at any time either before or during your induction you want to discuss alternative ways to give birth, talk to your midwife or consultant and make a plan that is right for you.

Please get in touch if you want to talk about your choices XXXX

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